Lefteris Pimenidis

In the early eighties a black and white image of a young photographer in the trenches of World War II was etched in my memory and triggered a new beginning in my life. My involvement in photography started in the early 80’s. Still young then, I remember myself trying to master the techniques of the darkroom, to capture everyday moments and to express myself through photography. After a period of 8 years – that is in 1988 – I opened up my photo shop in Eleftheroupoli (Kavala) and called it “Studio Pimenidis”. My pursuit was to put all my dreams in one picture so that I have a unique, unrepeatable and exceptional result.

Over the years, I may have grown older and the art of photography may have developed but, like the Mona Lisa, it is timeless like my dreams, since – over time – they remain unchanged from when I was a young photographer. I adapted my work to the demands of modern photography and brought the most contemporary equipment. Thus, I managed to marry the modern with the classic and – in doing so – I placed a timeless signature in the art of photography; recognized by my rankings in international organizations of which I am a member with good reputation as a recognized photographer.

My main concern is to have an integrated approach to the customer, which is revealed through smiles and entertainment so that I can ensure the most joyous and sentimental character for the photo-shooting. My relationship with the client is a relationship between friends. I attract their attention with my communicative approach so that they express all their sentiments for a flawless result.

The uniqueness of each moment is what makes it special. My goal is that all of my customers will recall this plethora of sentiments they felt simply by looking at some pictures.

For me, photography is not just a depiction of the Couple. Photography should reflect the feeling and emotion of the moment it was taken. I try to capture the true soul of the people; expressed by stolen glances, tearful smiles, and personal moments that play a role in each photograph and, in doing so, the pictures help to create an artwork that combines a surreal beauty with a modern realism.

Noting my signature in Greece and abroad, I am a member of internationally known organizations like the renowned WPPI (USA), SWPP (UK), and FIAP. I am a founding member of the Greek organization PWS, which has been recognized from world renowned photographers as the best Greek organization for photography. I also participate as a judge and Ι attend seminars given by world class photographers; such as (YERVANT, GHIONIS, ADAM, SCHEMBRI etc.).

In recent years I have won 10 gold awards in the categories bridal portrait, events, and wedding, as well as a number of silver – bronze in the aforementioned international organizations, with the top being the selected twice as one of three finalists for the “Photographer of the Year” award in the “bridal portrait” category.

In order to determine the character of a person, I believe that it is not enough to look at their occupation but also at who they really are; looking at his family combined with what he person has created in his or her life. It would be a lie to say that I have achieved everything by myself. Besides my passion for photography, if I did not have my patient and beloved wife, Zoe, and my adorable and hardworking sons, Haralambos, Nick and Alexander , I would have accomplished less.

Photography is an art that exists for more than a century, evolving with rapid pace. People, knowing about technology and having a better perception, are becoming increasingly more demanding. My concern is to follow the rapid development of photography, to renew – as I do – my equipment with the most modern, to combine my knowledge and my experiences with contemporary photography, and – through my passion for work – to ensure the best result for me and for my client.