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All the lovers and newlyweds are looking forward to summer when they can escape from the monotony of everyday life and dive into the warm sea or just lie together on the soft sand under the rays of the hot sun. Custom Europe Trip advises you to take a trip to Europe this summer. Europe will give you a huge selection of the best resorts and unforgettable holiday. If you have not decided exactly where to go this summer, our team can help you organize a suitable tour and will arrange for you a great honeymoon.

We suggest you go to sunny Spain, which is a popular summer resort among tourists. Spain offers excellent beaches, first-class hotels and romantic vacation for two.

Romantic Italy in the summer is not less popular. Its miles of sandy beaches are perfect for a lazy lying on the sand. If you select Italy, then you can visit its most romantic cities.

Sunny Greece is also famous for its resorts. Clear sea, warm sun and delicious cuisine attract here thousands of tourists every year. We will rent a convertible car for you. Together with your better half you will go to explore the most romantic spots of this amazing and full of legends country.

Portugal is an ideal place for those who are looking for something non-traditional. This sunny country is not so popular among tourists therefore here you can enjoy a serene and secluded vacation by the ocean.

For those who don’t want to choose which country to go, Custom Europe Trip will make a personalized romantic HYPERLINK “” euro trip to the hottest countries of Europe. If you want your holiday captured vividly on professional photos, we will be glad to offer you the services of our partners “Studio Pimendis”. Romantic photo session against the backdrop of the sea, mountains or the bright sunset will remain in your memory forever and you will take home not only a lot of bright impressions, but also many professional photos of your couple.

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